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Townhouse &  Loft Candle by Willow Candle & Co

Townhouse & Loft Candle by Willow Candle & Co


Our very own, limited edition, signature Townhouse & Loft scent! We have been working closely with the amazing Willow Candle & Co to create this beautiful fragrance, that we think, captures the Townhouse & loft essence.


Top notes of wild bush botanicals transport your senses to a secret garden after a midsummer rain. Freshly cut rosemary and mint will invite you to slow down and breath deeply. Woody base notes of driftwood, amber and sage are grounding & cocooning.


This beautiful fragrance is available across three exceptional products;


🌿A signature Crystal candle made from 100% soy wax.

Crystals included:

Howlite - known for calming an overactive mind, inspiring patience and self awareness.

Green Aventurine - inspiring creativity, imagination, balance and prosperity.


🌿Reed diffuser


🌿Aromatic room spray


Handmade in Tasmania.

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