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Silk Magnolia Eye Mask

Silk Magnolia Eye Mask


The benifits of silk are well known, and reccomended by leading skin, beauty and hair professionals around the world. 


SKIN - Say goodbye to sleep creases! Instead of dragging on your delicate facial skin like cotton does, skin glides accross silk, preventing damage, wrinkles and lines. Wake up with radiant glowing skin as the 18 amino acids in silk will nourish your skin while you sleep, preventing moisture loss and keeping your skin hydrated. 


HAIR- Say hello to healthy, shiny hair as our pure silk nourishes with its natural protiens that prevent moisture loss and friction. 


HEALTH- Silk is the best material for bedding as there are no known allergies towards silk. Silk has natural thermo regulating properties meaning it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 



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