The Tea Nomad Large Copper Canister

The Tea Nomad Large Copper Canister


Luxurious artisinal teas inspired by places around the world.



Tea blends available - 


Sahara - Building upon the natural sweetness of rooibos, our Sahara features red rose petals and crushed vanilla pods, balanced out by apple pieces and flecks of calendula petals.


Sydney- With a bold base of Chinese and Indian black teas, this confident and fruity blend features a medley of sweet mango and peach pieces with natural passionfruit essence.


Kyoto - Our Kyoto is an ode to that subtle elegance. A soothing Sencha base, brightened by the citrus notes of orange and distinctive yuzu, rounded out by a scattering of rose petals and sweet jasmine flowers.


Shanghai - Featuring a delicate white tea, this flirtatious blend is a floral bounty with osmanthus and chrysanthemum flowers, rose petals and natural lychee essence.