The Tea Garden Tea

The Tea Garden Tea


Beautiful, quality tea made by hand in small batches in Australia. - makes 15-20cups


SIR EARL - A regal blend for the distinguished earl grey drinker


ESPRESSO MAR-TEA-NI - featuring roasted coffee beans, australian wattle seed and a dash of caramel


VERMONT CHAI - roasted spices, maple soaked, the chai to end all chais


GOOD MORNING LONDON - The every day cup of tea for the everyday tea drinker. The one that's perfect with milk 


PULP LIKE FICTION - Just like the movie, this one is going down in history. Deep creamy hues of milky oolong colliding with fresh passionfruit. 


VANILLA JAZZ - The clarity of a sweet green, with notes of jasmine and vanilla 


JUST ADD GIN - Enough said. a gentle green tea with citrusy fresh lime and a hint of berry


CHOC O'CLOCK - The clarity of rooibos with the satisfaction of rich chocolate and spicey notes. 


BLUEBERRY BANG - Blueberry and soft chamomile with orange pekoe. 


PEACHY CREAM - Creamy Oolong with freeze dried peach 


TURKISH TO MY DELIGHT - chocolate with notes of cherry and rose


FRENCH & FABULOUS -  For the daring earl grey drinker. apricot, bergamot and floral goodness.